AN ENIGMA drawn from reals facts

A Brasserie in Lyon. A day of torrential rain. Caroline, a best-selling writer, dedicates her latest novel when Maxime makes his entrance. He, a diplomat with the physique of Viking, who wears the costume to perfection. 

She, an independent and seductive woman, with cavalier methods who does not have her tongue in her pocket. Between them, a simple look will seal the most surprising love intrigue. 

Very quickly, doubt and fear set in. Caroline makes disturbing discoveries and turns into a seasoned investigator. 

Between insomniac anxieties and frantic research, she will be plunged into a painful past, from Nazi Germany to Algeria of the 20s. 

A tireless quest in search of Sarah’s Secret. What happened? 

In this novel, Hélène Tavelle signs an implacable suspense and draws portraits of characters with an exceptional destiny. 

A book from which one does not emerge unscathed. 

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