Hélène Tavelle


Hélène Tavelle, French writer, was born in Marnia, Algeria and grew up in Dijon. Her desire to write was born thanks to the meeting of Mme Paulus, an exceptional woman and friend of Colette, who read her some letters of the Burgundian writer. At the age of 10, she wrote her first novel on a large-tile notebook. She studied in Lyon. She became a journalist and then director of the Grenoble Tourist Office. She then created a communication agency and founded a business network, the VIP Business Club. An activist against racism and anti-Semitism, she was decorated with the National Order of Merit by Marek Halter. During the lockdown, she has some free time that she uses to write her first novel “A Love of Containment”. She comes out of the drawers, two other novels she had already written but never published: “Déborah  – The Forbidden Encounter” and “Four”, as well as short stories entitled “Echappées Belles”. Encouraged by the great word of mouth, she wrote “Sarah’s Secret” and then “The Makeda Code” which were a great success. At Christmas 2022, she publishes a romantic comedy called “The Second Chance Christmas”. In 2023, she began to imagine the saga “Betty Saint-Clair” and published the first volume of the series, “The Missing Dancer”.

Enigma, adventure, comedy, fiction, travel, romance, historical narrative, Hélène Tavelle’s novels explore many genres sometimes within the same story. Happy readi