Disappearances, poisonings, hostage-takings and… mysterious woman…

Enter the adventure with Steve Barns and discover the code that opens the Temple of the Queen of Sheba! Steve Barns lives in Australia. A family tragedy will lead him to Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa. He quickly makes a discovery that gives him a new reason to live. This attractive man of Herculean stature finds himself immersed in the heart of a thrilling adventure in the footsteps of the legendary Queen of Sheba. Who are these strange people who fiercely guard their lost island? After an attempted murder, the intrepid Steve will fall under the spell of the feline Kia, with the magic bracelet. With the help of Jane, a famous archaeologist, he tries to discover the code which makes it possible to locate the Temple of the Queen of Sheba, named Queen Makeda by the Ethiopians. He will stop at no obstacle to prove the existence of this beautiful, rich and powerful Queen who reigned over the Kingdom of Sheba. But the Secret Services take a dim view of this revelation. What if this discovery were to change the course of history? A thrilling story, full of emotion and a wonderful hymn to beautiful encounters.

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